editing of embeded flash in html is affected by the choice of browser

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editing of embeded flash in html is affected by the choice of browser

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Please have a look at this thread

It seems to be a bug.
For eduCommons 64 bit rpm on CentOS (eduCommons-3-2-1-final.i386.rpm)
if I was editing the html to embed flash in eduCommons in Firefox (which is the usual case since on my laptop it is Linux installed)
and I would do all the editing in Firefox.Since IE I do not have on Linux.

eduCommons would drop
 html tag this time and the videos wont play in internet explorer but it did played in Firefox and Chrome.
To fix this I went to a Windows machine copy pasted the same script using internet explorer to the above production server and every one was able to see the videos in
 firefox and Internet Explorer both for the rpm installation on CentOS server.

After this  I   went to a computer on our LAN
and installed a fresh copy of windows on it  and  installed eduCommons exe on it.
Since the CentOS is our Production server.So that I can do experiments with eduCommons without disturbing our production server.

Now the same html  which was used on Production server was pasted in windows setup of eduCommons  using internet explorer and this time
 tag was dropped and video could not be played in firefox.

Then copy pasted the same html using Firefox for this Windows eduCommons setup every thing worked perfectly fine.I can see every flash object being played in Firefox ,Internet Explorer and Chrome.

What could have raised this issue?