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Docs wrong?

We're trying to migrate up to 3.2.1 using the docs here: 

It said to copy the script to: [old instance]/Products/eduCommons/Extensions
Which for me was /opt/educommons-3.1.1/Zope-2.10.5/web/Products/eduCommons/Extensions. But got errors that PreMigrate module couldnt be found. I instead copied it to /opt/educommons-3.1.1/Zope-2.10.5/web/Extensions and its seen ok there.

Are the docs wrong, or is this something specific with my site? We've been running OCW for a few years, since 2.3.1 I believe, and ive noticed sometimes our folders differ from what the docs say. I had always assumed they were typos but now im starting to wonder if its something weird with our site. Its nothing major, im just curious.